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When a driver is convicted of certain traffic ticket offences, Ministry of Transportation imposes number of demerit points against the driver license. If you accumulate too many demerit points your license may be suspended. Retaining us with help you control accumulation of Ontario demerit points on your record. You can become familiar with Ontario demerit points associated with the traffic tickets in the list below. Demerit points stay on your record for two years from the offence date.

For more detailed list of Ontario demerit points please visit Demerit Points page at the Ministry of Transportation.

List of Ontario demerit points:

Fail to remain at the scene of an accident 7
Fail to stop when signalled/requested by a police officer 7
Careless Driving 6
Stunt Driving / Racing 6
Drive Handheld Communication Device (Second or subsequent Conviction) 6
Speeding 50 km/h or more over the sped limit6
Fail to stop for a school bus 6
Speeding 30 to 49 km/h over the speed limit 4
Following too closely 4
Speeding 16 to 29 km/h over the speed limit 3
Fail to report a collision to a police officer 3
Improper use of high occupancy vehicle lane 3
Fail to yield the right-of-way 3
Drive Handheld Communication Device (First Offence) 3
Red light-fail to stop 3
Amber light-fail to stop 3
Disobey stop sign 3
Fail to drive in a marked lane 3
Pass off roadway 3
Fail to move into another lane for emergency vehicle 3
Unsafe move 3
Going the wrong way on a one-way road 3
Improper passing 3
Prohibited turns 2
Turn not in safety 2
Start from stop not in safety 2
Change lane not in safety 2
Fail to signal lane change 2
Driver failing to wear a seat belt 2
Fail to obey signs 2
Fail to stop at a pedestrian crossing 2
Improper Left Turn 2
Improper Right Turn 2
Backing on a Highway 2

What we do

Traffic Law Paralegal Services has been defending traffic violations and summary criminal offences in Ontario for almost two decades.

At Traffic Law you will receive experienced and competent representation fighting traffic and criminal charges (summary offences). Most common allegations include careless driving tickets, stunt driving, no insurance and more.

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About Traffic Law Paralegal Services

Serhiy Senatorov is an owner of Traffic Law Paralegal Services, former vice-president of Licensed Paralegals Association (Ontario), former vice-president and one of the founding board members of the Ontario Paralegals Association and a regular speaker on continuing professional development in a legal community.

Serhiy Senatorov is providing trusted and reliable defense in Ontario and confident to help you.

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The Impact of Demerit Points

It is important to remember that courts do not have jurisdiction to deal with Ontario demerit points. Traffic Law Paralegal Services can help you fight imposition of demerit points.

Some of the most serious violations actually do not carry any demerit points. Offences such as driving without insurance or driving while suspended and many other violations are common examples.

Demerit points should not be your only consideration. If a traffic ticket conviction is registered on your abstract your insurance may be dramatically affected regardless of Ontario demerit points. One conviction for Careless driving may cancel your insurance premiums altogether. Drivers with G1 or G2 class licenses may face additional (in some cases hidden) suspensions as well.

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