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Driving Under Suspension

Charged with Driving under suspension? Have a court appearance to go to? Did not know that you were suspended? Traffic Law Paralegal Services is ready to defend your suspension charges in Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto and other GTA courts. Conviction for driving while suspended can be devastating and will most certainly affect your insurance premiums. There are several defences that may be applicable to your situation. Prosecution is held to a strict test to establish the suspension. There are several arguments that may be applicable to your situation and should not be ignored. It is extremely important to identify relevant issues in each case and apply an appropriate strategy. You should book your free consultation today.

Driving While Suspended Penalties

Driving with a suspended license is not a regular ticket and it can not be paid without going to court. Driving suspended is pursued by way of summons and does not have a set fine prescribed for this offence. One of the reasons why this matter is pursued by way of summons is a potential jail sentence as part of the penalty. Penalties for driving while suspended include fine of no less than $1000 and no more than $5000, six months licence suspension and jail term not exceeding 6 months. These are the penalties for a first offence! On subsequent convictions penalties become even more devastating.

Many of our clients rely on their licence to earn a living. If convicted for this offence your employment may be at risk. Driving licence may be suspended for many reasons and the driver should be aware of his/her licence status. In some cases it may not be very simple. Diligence is of utmost importance not to have a suspended license.

Sources of Suspension

  • Unpaid Fines
  • Demerit Points Accumulation
  • Escalating Sanctions for Novice Drivers
  • Criminal Conviction
  • Medical Suspension

Drivers caught for driving with a suspended license - including default of family support, but not including suspensions for defaulted fines or medical conditions are subject to vehicle impoundment for seven days. If the driver was suspended and vehicle was impounded it is the responsibility of the owner to pay towing and impoundment fees. In some situations Traffic Law Paralegal Services may be able to recover these costs for the owner and defend the driver for driving while suspended. When period of a license suspension comes to an end, MTO will charge a reinstatement fee to reinstate driver's privileges.

Is Driving Under Suspension a Criminal Offense?

It is not a criminal charge. It is a strict liability offence under a Highway Traffic Act of Ontario. Strict liability means that a defence of due diligence is available to this charge. Even if prosecution is able to prove all of the required elements of offence, it would still be open to the defendant to meet due diligence test and win the case. Defending this violation should not be understated. Often a prosecutor will seek jail time for driving with a suspended license, especially if there are previous convictions for same offense.

Traffic Law Paralegal Services has been defending motorists in Ontario for many years and confident that we can help you solve your case.

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