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If you received a turn not in safety ticket, you need a reliable and trusted traffic ticket representative. Traffic Law Paralegal Services defended many turn not in safety tickets and achieved great results for out clients. We fight unsafe turn tickets in Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto and other GTA courts.

Turn not in safety tickets are considered a strict liability offences. The term strict liability means that defence of due dilligence is available to the person charged with these violations. Even if prosecution is successful proving that turn was not made safely it is still open to the defendant to exonerate himself by leading evidence of due dilligence. However, the defence process is not an easy task and you should contact us for an evaluation of your Turn Not In Safety case. Prosecution is required to prove all necessary elements of the allegation beyond reasonable doubt. Unsafe turn violations classified as minor offences (regardless of demerit points) and as a result, resolution from one minor offence to another minor offence is often simply not beneficial to a defendant. Do not risk being wrongfully convicted and let Traffic Law Paralegal Services fight your tickets in Mississauga, Brampton and Toronto.


If you are convicted of unsafe turn ticket, like any other traffic tickets, conviction would be registered on your driving record for 3 years and will affect your insurance rates. Penalties include fine and demerit points. If you have a valid defence, do not be scared of litigation and argue your case. We will identify available arguments and help you do the hard work.

In many jurisdictions prosecution takes a hard stand on turn not in safety tickets and may force you to trial. Unsafe turn tickets may be issued in many different situations and Ontario Highway Traffic Act provides various requirenment for turn offences

  • Turn Not in Safety
  • Unsafe Turn / Unsafe Lane Change
  • Improper Right Turn
  • Fail to signal lane change
  • Change lane not in safety

Unsafe Lane Change

Lane changes are similar to the turn violations but the law has defined it in a different fashion. Safe move from one lane of traffic to another rests on the driver who is making a lane change. What may seem to be a safe lane change often results in unpredictable outcomes. Driver is expected to ensure that a lane change could be completed safely and if operation of another motor vehicle may be affected, the driver is required to signal the intention of making a lane change. We can help you identify available defence to unsafe lane change tickets and argue your case in court.

If you received a ticket for Turn Not in Safety or other Unsafe Turn traffic tickets, Traffic Law Paralegal Services is dedicated to fight for you. Call to fight today (905)206-9080.


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Serhiy Senatorov is an owner of Traffic Law Paralegal Services, former vice-president of Licensed Paralegals Association (Ontario), former vice-president and one of the founding board members of the Ontario Paralegals Association and a regular speaker on continuing professional development in a legal community.

Serhiy Senatorov is providing trusted and reliable defense in Ontario and confident to help you.

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